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These Are the Biggest Decks Decor Trends

Are you looking for ideas to design your terrace? Look no further! In this article, we will show you the best trends in terrace design so you can create the perfect space to relax and enjoy the outdoors.

Terrace functionalities

Before starting any design project, it is important to define the needs and functionalities that you want to give to the terrace. Here are some ideas:

Rest area

A terrace is the perfect place to relax and unwind. Add some comfortable chairs, cushions, and a table to have a perfect space to read or have a cup of tea.

Barbecue area

If you're a fan of barbecues, this is the perfect place to have one. Add a grill and a table to have a space to enjoy with friends and family.

Terrace garden

If you like gardening, you can create a garden on your terrace. Add some pots and plants to create a green and relaxing space.

Little design tips

I love you green

If you like the bohemian style, add some plants, cushions, and rugs to create a cozy and relaxing space. If you are a nature lover, plants are a must on any terrace. But nowadays, the trend is to create authentic vertical gardens, placing plants on walls or in hanging pots. In addition, urban gardens, where you can grow your own vegetables and aromatic herbs, are also in vogue.

You can opt for climbing plants such as ivy or jasmine, which in addition to providing shade, add a touch of elegance and freshness. If you prefer smaller plants, succulents are an excellent choice, as they are easy to care for and come in different shapes and colors.

Outdoor furniture to fall in love with

Outdoor furniture should not only be comfortable but also bring style and personality to our terrace. Nowadays, rattan or wicker furniture is in fashion, providing a natural and bohemian touch. You can also combine different styles of furniture to create an eclectic and fun atmosphere.

If you prefer a more modern style, metal or wooden furniture with straight lines is an excellent choice. Outdoor sofas and armchairs are also very popular, as they allow you to relax and enjoy the outdoors in the company of friends and family.

Lighting to set the mood

Lighting is key in any space, and terraces are no exception. Nowadays, the trend is to use LED lights to create different atmospheres and highlight specific areas. Floor or table lamps can also be used to create a cozier atmosphere.

Garlands of lights are an excellent option to create a warm and romantic atmosphere. In addition, solar lamps are an eco-friendly and economical alternative, as they charge during the day and turn on automatically at dusk.

Colors that transport you

Colors are important to create a pleasant atmosphere on our terrace. Nowadays, bright and cheerful colors such as yellow, orange, or pink are in fashion. You can also use different patterns to give a different touch to cushions or carpets.

If you prefer a more sober and elegant style, neutral colors such as white, gray, or beige are an excellent choice. In addition, pastel shades such as pale pink or light blue add a touch of sweetness and romanticism.

Details that make the difference

Details are key to creating a stylish terrace. One trend you might like is where cushions with positive messages, rugs with geometric designs, and decorative wicker or ceramic accessories are worn. In addition, you can also use recycled elements to create a more sustainable and eco-friendly environment.

Scented candles and essential oil diffusers are excellent options to create a relaxing and zen atmosphere. In addition, candelabras and candle holders add a touch of elegance and sophistication.

In short, following these trends, you can create a unique terrace with your own style, where you can enjoy nature and the sun. Let's get to work! We hope these ideas have inspired you to design your terrace. Remember that the most important thing is to create a space that makes you feel comfortable and at ease, everything that is to your liking is the perfect style for a terrace.

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